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Brexit: Johnson launches final bid to get UK to leave EU on 31 October – live news | Politics

Good morning and welcome to Politics Live for day two of a potentially game changing week at Westminster for Brexit.

I’m Ben Quinn and will be taking you through all this morning’s developments before handing over to my colleague Frances Perraudin this afternoon.

Boris Johnson will make a final bid on Tuesday to force Brexit through by the 31 October “do or die” deadline, amid growing signs he will make a renewed push for a general election whether his deal passes or not.

It comes after plan to hold a “meaningful vote” on his deal on Monday was blocked by the Speaker, John Bercow, who said it would be “repetitive and disorderly” to go over the same ground as Saturday’s vote.

Johnson has already requested a delay to Brexit, by sending the letter to Brussels required by the backbench Benn act after MPs declined to support his deal on Saturday – something he said he would rather be “dead in a ditch”than do.

But if the government can force its Brexit bill through parliament in time, the UK could in theory still leave the EU by next Thursday’s deadline.

The prime minister will ask MPs to back him in two crucial votes today:

on the withdrawal agreement bill, enshrining the deal he struck in Brussels last week

and on his plan to ram it through the House of Commons by the end of Thursday.

Today’s parliamentary schedule allows for questions on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy questions at 11.30, followed by space for urgent questions.

That means MPs are expected to start debating the Brexit deal bill – the ‘European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill’ – at 12.30 p.m.

A second reading vote on the legislation — in which MPs would indicate their support or otherwise in principle — would then be expected at 7 pm.

Following that, the next hurdle Johnson would be a vote on a sped-up timetable for debating and passing the bill.

Having cleared that, the legislation risks being knocked off course, or even out, as votes take place on amendments which could include attempts to link it to a new referendum.

You can read our full story teeing up today’s drama today:


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