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Britain’s third richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants to build luxury summer house on stilts at his £6m mansion

Britain’s third richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has proposed building a luxury summer house at his £6m holiday home on stilts so it doesn’t get flooded.

The petrochemicals magnate, who is worth an estimated £18bn, wants to erect the residence in the gardens of his sprawling estate in New Forest National Park.

His neighbours are unhappy with the plan to give him perfect views of the Hampshire coast, saying it will blight the landscape and “stick out like a sore thumb”.

They also argued that the planning application should be rejected because the property could be deluged with water as the area is prone to flooding.

But Sir Jim, 67, has seemingly sidestepped that issue by pledging to position the house, made from oak and cedar shingles, on a raised platform supported by wooden posts so it doesn’t get inundated.

Planning documents he has submitted read: “An ideal spot for relaxation, the isolated setting and scenic views are key qualities to the design of the summer house.

“The semi-open spaces intend to encourage occupants to enjoy the advantages of the great outdoors and living in the New Forest National Park, an area renowned for its picturesque countryside.

“Lifting the building floor height addresses the site’s susceptibility to rising flood levels as a result of climate change.”


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