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Chinese donations flood in for Hong Kong protest victims

According to the Post, a fund set up by the Shanghai Charity Foundation and several media organisations raised more than $284,000 for the families.

A second donation drive by the China Social Welfare Foundation and Global Times newspaper raised more than $210,000.

As violence escalates in the unrest that has enveloped the global financial hub for close to six months, social media has become a virtual battleground. Many incidents are being recorded and live streamed, whipping up emotions on both sides of the political divide.

Chinese state and social media, including the messaging app, WeChat, have focused heavily on isolated assaults by protesters on supporters of Beijing, giving a filtered version of the bigger picture and paying scant attention to documented incidents of alleged police brutality.

Chinese social media commentary routinely uses words like “thugs” and “cockroaches” to describe the protesters and has celebrated hard-line Hong Kong police officers as heroes.

In Hong Kong, where social media is uncensored, protesters regularly share information on Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp, to reveal heavy-handed police tactics. Many have also condemned violent acts by members of the pro-democracy camp.


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