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Countries are ‘exposed and vulnerable’ to health impacts of climate change

Dr Campbell-Lendrum said that richer countries were better placed to cope as they had stronger health systems. 

But he added: “Richer countries are better protected but even they have significant health impacts. They have a big air pollution health impact and they’re also struggling from the health impacts of heat waves.” 

The report did find some positives – 60 countries have developed an early warning system and health sector response plan for flooding, 50 for storms, 42 for heatwaves, 38 for drought and 31 for air quality.

Dr Maria Neira, director of the department of climate change, environment and public health at the WHO, said: “Health is now paying the price of this climate crisis. Our lungs, our brains, our cardiovascular systems are very much suffering from the causes of climate change.”

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