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former Premier League defender tells court he met two ‘weird and untrustworthy’ agents who urged him to sign for Leeds on £10k a week

Mr Mawson, who went on to join Swansea and was called up for the England squad but did not play, said the men offered him “bonuses” for games he played and goals he scored.

“They said I was doing well and [they were] seeing me scoring goals and winning games,” he continued.

Asked by Brian O’Neill, QC, for the prosecution, what he made of the pair, he said: “[They were] not really the most trustworthy, a bit weird with the approach. It was not straightforward.”

He added: “Looking back … I may have got a better contract. Ultimately, there aren’t too many nice people in the world anymore, so for me it was for their benefit.”

After the meeting he sent a text message to Mr Price saying he felt a “snake” for going behind the backs of his agents, whom he called to apologise for attending the meeting without their knowledge.

However, he said his decision to shun the defendants’ offer did not affect his relationship with Mr Wright, “who helped me with my career”.

The court has heard undercover recordings during which Mr Pagliara claimed he had given Sir Alex Ferguson, the former Manchester United manager, a £30,000 watch as a backhander, adding that corruption in the game was rife.


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