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From Russia to Labour with love?

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Internet trail leads from dossier to Russian ‘bots’

The Kremlin has fuelled a growing row around leaked government documents published by Labour, by failing to deny the involvement of Russian hackers. Senior MPs have called for an urgent investigation into how Jeremy Corbyn’s party obtained the classified information amid growing evidence linking the leak to Moscow. Mr Corbyn has hinted he downloaded the 451 pages of minutes of US-UK trade talks from a website where investigators increasingly believe it had been placed by Russia. Political Editor Gordon Rayner looks at how a mysterious internet “bot” account touted the “leak” with untraceable emails. Days later, Mr Corbyn produced the dossier as “proof” that the NHS was “for sale” to the US. Matt also focuses on the issue in today’s cartoon.

At today’s 70th anniversary Nato summit, Boris Johnson will attempt to quell tensions by reminding allies that it is “one for all, and all for one” in the quest to keep their people safe. The PM spent most of yesterday steering clear of Donald Trump in order to avoid giving Labour the chance to criticise him over his relationship with the president. So keen was Mr Johnson to minimise the number of photos of them together that he left the president and his wife Melania in the cold outside No10.


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