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Hard of hearing Elton John fans attending farewell tour can use an app to help them better hear his music 

He told the BBC: “For people who are hard of hearing, which essentially you do have locations in the concert hall where they can come and hear, this allows them actually to be anywhere in the concert hall.”   

Concert-goers can choose to hire a device, which is worn around their neck and connects to headphones. 

A digital audio signal from the instruments is then sent to the radio receivers worn around fans’ necks, syncing this with the sound of music from the speakers. 

The device is then connected to an app which allows the user to turn the volume up or down on five different channels. 

The ability to personalise sound has been praised by hard of hearing charities.  

Jesal Vishnuram, Technology Manager at Action on Hearing Loss, said: “This is a great example of how technology enabling people to personalise the sound to their own unique preference can help those living with hearing loss. 

“As everyone’s hearing is different, this allows each person to adjust the sounds they can and can’t hear to enhance their listening experience. 

He added that “lyrics are often lost” when listening to music meaning the ability to “turn down lower frequency sounds” would allow people with hearing loss “the opportunity to enjoy music again”.  


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