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Jose Mourinho vows to revive ‘the real Dele Alli’ and targets trophies to keep Harry Kane at Spurs

Mourinho wants to keep Kane and, understandably, turned questions on the 26-year-old’s future to Levy. “This is not about me. This is about Mr Levy, this is about the club,” Mourinho said. “He has a vision, and part of that vision is to make the club better, bigger. There is no better and bigger football club without a bigger and better football team. So keeping the best players is obviously part of that plan. “It was not like a promise to me, it was not like I said: ‘I only go if, I only go if’. There were no ‘ifs’. It was him [Levy], part of his explanation about his vision for the club. Without being specific about the players, he told me he does not sell players when the manager doesn’t want to sell.”

Mourinho said that he knows, from previous experience, how difficult it can be to negotiate with Levy and buy players from Spurs. “I used to be in clubs that fear him. It’s true. He’s powerful. He’s a businessman, but he’s a football man. He has big experience, a part of his intelligence overall, he’s a football man, he understands football, he understands the industry, he understands the evolution, he’s very clever. It’s great to have him on my side.”

Mourinho stressed he did not expect to spend money, despite his reputation for needing to do so. “Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe it’s also the profile of club that I normally get. It’s like you people say, I always need money to spend with players. It’s not me, it’s my clubs. It’s the profile of the club, it’s the profile of the owner, the profile of, let’s say, Real Madrid.

“I didn’t spend money at Porto. I didn’t spend money at Inter. You know I like the place [Spurs]. I like the players. I don’t need to spend a huge amount of money.”


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