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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool are now as big a draw as Manchester City

“There are reasons, good reasons why players want to join us, that is clear,” said Klopp.

“The club is in a very good position. Image-wise, maybe it [always] was, but now I think it is easier to live the life of a Liverpool supporter and that means automatically being in a situation to sign the players you want to sign.

“City had a very successful spell though, in the last 10 years they have been champions a couple of times. There are different tastes and that leads to different decisions. I don’t think we struggle with convincing players. You speak to a player you can feel it, this year, last year, you can see in the eyes of a player, I am not sure if honour is the right word, but it is good that we speak to them. The club is in a really good position, but unfortunately it does not automatically lead to a situation where you win all the football games. It has to be done on the pitch.”

Klopp is not a manager to play down the significance of a fixture as important as City’s visit this weekend. Equally, he says if there is a winner, there will be no premature coronation of Premier League champions.

“Yes, it is important and we want to win it, but is it because we think if we win we are already champions? No. If we lose do we think we have no chance anymore? No,” he said.

“We only have to try to win the game.”


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