Microsoft Is Still Planning A Cheaper Digital-Only Xbox For Next-Gen

Even after the announcement of Project Scarlett, Microsoft still intends to introduce a cheaper digital-only Xbox for the next generation. Back in June, Microsoft announced Project Scarlett, the newest addition to the Xbox family. Microsoft announced that they intend to release a new, high-performance version of Xbox, code-named Anaconda.

At the same time, there was a rumor was that Microsoft was also working on a disc-free console. Honestly, this rumor isn’t a new one. The theory of Microsoft creating a digital-only console has been floating around since 2018. However, when Microsoft announced Anaconda, there was a noticeable lack of information about the digital-only console. This lead to press-reports that stated Lockhart was just that: a rumor. New reports, however, have seemed to confirm that Microsoft still plans on having a digital-only console for its next-gen device lineup.

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This digital-only Xbox, code-named Lockhart, is the first of it’s kind to be a console that functions solely on digital content. The specs of the Lockhart are still unclear, according to Kotaku. Unlike Sony’s Playstation 5, it seems Microsoft has been keeping a close tab on their developers’ specs. Currently, there is little that can be definitively said about Project Scarlett. However, it should be noted that Lockhart is sort of like the child of the Xbox S One. But Lockhart should still be able to keep up with other consoles. Lockhart is said to have a solid-state drive, much like the Playstation 5. Additionally, being digital-only, we can speculate that the Lockhart is more reliant on Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Lockhart will probably be promoted alongside Microsoft’s xCloud service as well as the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

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Project Scarlett was announced earlier this year during E3. The highlight of Microsoft’s announcement was Project Scarlett, a device that the company quickly hyped as the most powerful it has created yet. This has already lead to some debate amongst gamers as to which system will be the one to get. What consumers don’t know, however, is pricing. Although Lockhart is said to be a cheaper version, it’s unclear how much cheaper Microsoft could feasibly reduce a brand new console at launch. Both the Playstation 5 and Project Scarlett are set to release for the holidays in 2020.

As of right now, there isn’t enough information for a real debate about which system will be the one to pick up for consumers looking for a next-generation experience. It’s unfair to try to debate which one will be superior, although there is definitely a hardcore fanbase, especially when that scope is extended beyond just Microsoft’s upcoming line of consoles. Hopefully, Microsoft will let gamers and techies alike check out the specs of the system soon.

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Source: Kotaku

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