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NSW and Queensland fires: one person found dead, two more missing and more than 100 homes destroyed – live | Australia news

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting any rain. What we need is lots of rain. We need inches of rain and we’re simply not getting that. Over the next couple of days we’re still expecting dry conditions to dominate. Yes, the temperatures have backed off but we’re still seeing breezy conditions. As we head into particularly Tuesday, the early indications I’ve seen is we’re expecting another day of difficult fire danger conditions. We’re probably expecting widespread total fire bans again, as a result of severe and extreme fire danger. But unfortunately the early indications I’m seeing is that we’re expecting a much larger geographic area across New South Wales to be affected by that worsening weather conditions as we head into early next week. Beyond that, as the news reports are indicating, we’re expecting a cyclical pattern of weather, week after week after week, of increased, elevated fire dangers to come and go.


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