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only this bewitching thriller would mix a bloody climax with a balletic dance sequence

Not many crime dramas would suddenly launch into interpretative dance mid-episode. Fewer still would do it in black-and-white, then flip back to full colour and never acknowledge what just happened. Then again, Giri/Haji (BBC Two) has been no ordinary crime drama.

Writer Joe Barton’s Anglo-Japanese thriller (with a title that translates as Duty/Shame) has bewitched and beguiled for the past seven weeks. As it reached its bittersweet finale, Barton had the audacity to throw in a goosebump-inducing magical sequence which summed up the just-arty-enough ambition of his creation.

Following the arrival of three Yakuza enforcers in London to bring renegade gangster Yuto Mori (Yosuke Kubozuka) back to…


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