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Pep Guardiola dismisses talk of leaving Manchester City and says he is loving challenge of trying to catch Liverpool

“Why should people think I’m not happy here? Because we lost at Anfield or I’ve lost three games this season? That’s an odd reason to say I’m not happy or satisfied to be here.

“The moment I will leave is when I feel my team don’t follow [me] to play at Anfield in the way we played. At that moment I’d say, ‘Wow, I miss my team’ and after I would call my boss and say, ‘Guys, maybe you have to sit and think about it’. But I don’t have that feeling. If it’s not enough [this season], next season will be better.”

Ederson will return against Chelsea after the City goalkeeper missed the Liverpool game with a thigh injury and Guardiola recognises that the champions have little margin for error between now and May, even if he feels talk of the title race being over is wildly premature.

“I know from all around the world the Premier League is done, so if that happens we’ll try again next season, and my players will be there,” he said. “We have two options – give up or don’t give up. I think the way we played at Anfield especially, we are not going to give up.

“I have a feeling we are not far away from how we played in the last seasons but we have a team that is almost unstoppable and in incredible top form [in Liverpool]. They are the champions of Europe but we’re in November.

“I know that to be there until the end we have to go on an incredible run of games but I think it will be a big mistake if you think too far ahead.

“Honestly, I need to live these situations, I need to prove myself, and my players  have to prove themselves. Why not fight again and try to improve and do it again? That’s the only way to get better.  I never thought we were unstoppable. I think we are incredible but the target is still to show how good we are.”


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