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Russia to avoid blanket ban on world sport, including Euro 2020, with doubts raised over credibility of Wada’s sanctions

“Wada must get tougher and impose the full restriction on Russian athlete participation in the Olympics that the rules allow. Only such a resolute response has a chance of getting Russia’s attention, changing behaviour, and protecting today’s clean athletes who will compete in Tokyo, as well as future generations of athletes in Russia who deserve better than a cynical, weak response to the world’s repeated calls for Russia to clean up its act. The time for the toughest penalty available is now.”

Even Rob Koehler, the former deputy director general of Wada, denounced the proposed sanctions as “another smoke-and-mirrors ­exercise”.

However, the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations – of which Ukad and Usada are members – issued a statement on Friday urging the adoption of the proposed sanctions but stopping short of criticising them.

Whatever punishment is imposed could be appealed by Russia, whose foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has dismissed all this as another attempt by the West to sideline his nation.

But Yuri Ganus, the chief executive of Rusada, said the proposed sanctions were “justified”. 


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