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Trafalgar Square Christmas tree derided as ’embarrassing’ and ‘anaemic’

It’s enough to make a willow weep and a sycamore, well, sick. 

Ever since 1947 the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has marked the start of the festive season, bringing peace, joy and happiness to all mankind. 

This year however, it’s all gone a little wrong.  

The traditional spruce, a gift to the British people from Norway as a thank you for our support during the Second World War, has attracted rather less joy – and all too much derision. 

This week the tree was erected in central London as normal, after an arduous journey from Oslo – only to attract utter scorn from passersby. 

On social media critics barked their dismay, leaving them pining for a spruced up alternative. 

Calum Mulligan, a parliamentary advisor, posted on Twitter that “the state of the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square this year [is the] most anaemic tree possible”. 

He added: “Not sure what we did to upset the Norwegians but they seem to have saved their best and bushiest trees for everyone else.” 

Another complainant posted: “If it were anymore sparse I’d call it a twig,” while a third said: “You look a bit thin.”

Someone else simply thought it was dead writing: “RIP”.


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